Empowering newcomers

Rebecca O., Senior Underwriting Manager, Global Risk Solutions, Canada

From creating happiness journals to learning about different holidays and customs and working through tricky homework questions, Rebecca, who is a Liberty Torchbearer, is a proud mentor for 4-to-8-year-old newcomers to Canada. Rebecca’s volunteering journey began during the pandemic when working from home became the norm, saving her three hours in daily commute time. Eager to put her free time to good use, she discovered Empowerment Squared, a nonprofit focused on empowering newcomer and marginalized communities to succeed through mentorship, access to post-secondary education, professional skills development, entrepreneurship, and sports and recreation. “Finding that point in someone’s life where they might need a helping hand to succeed and empowering them with services, mentorship and opportunities in that moment is incredibly powerful,” she said.

An expanded role

Like many, Rebecca spent 2020 reflecting, learning and soul searching about racial inequality. As a 20+ year-employee of Liberty Mutual Canada, she’s very active in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives and Employee Resource Groups but was searching for a way to contribute more directly in her community. Empowerment Squared and keeping those kindergarteners busy on Zoom proved to be the perfect fit and the beginning of a great relationship. Rebecca’s volunteering quickly expanded to include a role on the Board of Directors. From fundraising, project planning and helping administer Empowerment Squared’s scholarship program, those three hours of commute time are now filled with shaping and securing the future of the organization. “It makes me proud that at Liberty Mutual, the idea of making things better is important at the business level and at the personal and community levels,” Rebecca explained. “ Together, we’re building a world where everyone is empowered with the tools and opportunities to thrive.”
Expanding her role to include a seat on the Board of Directors was a move Rebecca’s manager and team at Liberty Mutual supported and encouraged. She’s also taking full advantage of the Liberty Torchbearer program, ensuring that Empowered Squared is registered to receive donation matching and logging her volunteer hours with Volunteer with Liberty.

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