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Prepare for your interview with Liberty Mutual

We’re excited you’re considering an opportunity with us! Whether you’re an experienced candidate or just starting out in your career, we want you to have the tools and information you need to feel comfortable and confident when you interview. Use these resources to learn more about what to expect in your interview and help you prepare for your conversation.

Sharpen your skills

Interview prep tools

We’ve partnered with Cappfinity to offer you free access to skills-based assessments, interviewing tips and more to help set you up for a successful interview. 

Tech interview prep

If you’re interviewing for one of our technical roles, we provide resources, guidelines and advice to help you prepare for the technical interview using the CodeSignal platform which evaluates your coding skills, problem-solving abilities and approach to collaboration.

Consider these suggestions to feel prepared going into your interview:

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Create your story

Think about how your previous experience connects to the opportunity you’re interviewing for.

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Do your research

Take some time to learn more about Liberty before your interview. Our careers site and social channels are great places to start.

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Highlight your strengths

Think about how your experiences, skills and achievements align with the position that you’re interviewing for.

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Jot down the details

Have stats or figures that communicate your impact ready to share. That could be budget or team sizes, time saved, revenue or any other number that speaks to your accomplishments.

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Prepare your questions

Be ready with insightful questions that will help you better understand the opportunity and demonstrate your genuine interest in the role.

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Test your technology

Ensure that your computer or phone is ready for the interview.

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Practice, practice, practice 

Ask a friend to conduct a mock interview with you and get their feedback.

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Settle in

Give yourself 10-15 minutes before your interview to review your notes and the job description.

From our employees

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Product Owner

Katie describes Liberty Mutual’s role in using emerging technologies to anticipate and improve the lives of our customers.

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Product Designer

Rebecca shares her experience participating in Digital Garage, a program in which teams spend a month away from day-to-day responsibilities to focus solely on a customer pain point and how to best solve for it.

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Software Developer

Pranjal discusses the Tech Start Development Program and the role it played in preparing him for an IT-related career at Liberty Mutual.

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Scrum Master

Matt speaks to the fast-changing nature of technology and Liberty Mutual’s ability to foresee and adapt to changing technologies and customer needs.

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