Tales from an underwriter

Miles R., Underwriting Consultant, Global Risk Solutions, United States

Meet Miles R., an Atlanta, Georgia-based, nine-year veteran of underwriting and current member of the Global Risk Solutions (GRS) North America major account division underwriting team. Since starting at Liberty in 2017, Miles has built his skills through continuing education and certification, ultimately tripling his core portfolio.

‘The secret to Miles’ success?’

“It’s all about developing new skills and building relationships, particularly with brokers,” he explained. “Relationships make it easier to keep the account and eventually achieve profitability. Without them, this just becomes a pricing game, and we can’t grow our profitability that way.”
When Miles started, he didn’t know anyone at the main brokerage house for his book of business. But that didn’t stop him. He started by meeting all the clients and the brokers in multiple offices. His goal from the start was to build a long-term, win-win relationship with the brokers. As he grew his book of business, they grew their customer base, and they are now among our largest brokerage houses in the Southeast.

‘Team sport’

Winning in this intensely competitive market takes a team approach. Miles views himself as a generalist and regularly pulls together colleagues to spot things he has missed, discuss appropriate pricing and ensure that he has categorized risk appropriately. Miles believes that bouncing ideas off others or having a conversation with an expert about an account is essential, particularly when starting on a new account or writing a new deal.
It’s the type of collaboration that put Liberty’s Values in the spotlight. By being open and seeking input from others, they regularly uncover new perspectives or ways of approaching an account. And that leads to winning more clients and building even stronger, relationships with our brokers.

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