Product Owner

REBECCA S: One of the most notable accomplishments that I’ve been a part of at Liberty Mutual is what we have called a Digital Garage. It’s really built around design thinking and hypothesis statements, problem statements, really getting at the root of what our customer really wants and needs.
So it’s a month-long exploration into our customer in how to solve a really big problem. So being able to put my team in a room for a month, and forget about our regular day to day work, and really put the customer at the center of our work for a month has been a really incredible experience and gotten us closer to something we wouldn’t normally experience in everyday work.
I think the most surprising thing about being at Liberty Mutual is actually how fast things move. So you think huge, big company, things move really slow. And it takes time. And there’s lots of red tape and regulations. But really, we’ve found a way to move fast, get things in front of customers, whether they’re real or prototypes. There’s just an urgency to make updates and things that would generally take really long. But we’ve figured out a way to really shorten that time.
I like working in a technology team because things are constantly changing and evolving. Technology moves so fast, especially in the digital world. It feels like every day, there’s something new and different. And it just gives a lot of opportunity to try something new, different, and really fail fast if it doesn’t work. There’s something new that’s going to come out the next day that may fix what we’re trying to do.