A look inside the culture at

[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 1: I would describe the people and culture at Liberty Mutual as truly creative and collaborative.
SPEAKER 2: The culture here is formal yet informal. We have an awesome cafeteria. We get to wear jeans. We have free coffee. Our meetings are still very professional, but being able to dress down a little bit more and not be so formal in the way that we dress really gets people to open up and collaborate a lot more.
SPEAKER 3: There’s also a lot of great perks around workplace flexibility. For example, if you need to work from home at various times, it’s completely cool.
SPEAKER 4: I tend to have a lot of meetings over in Cafe M, which is this internal flex space. And it’s a good breakup from sitting in your office or at your desk.
SPEAKER 5: The thing that makes me want to go to the office every morning is the people in Liberty Mutual. They’re so eager to help you and walk you through any problem you have, and help you coach and mentor you and develop your skills.
SPEAKER 4: Supporting the community where I live has always been important to me. And I love the fact that Liberty allows me to do that through a program that we have called Give with Liberty. It’s a neat way to be able to make an impact to a number of charitable and nonprofit organizations.
We also do a program called Serve with Liberty, where a number of different organizations in all the places where we are around the world will submit projects where they need people to come. And so as opposed to coming to work for the day, we go work in those organizations.
SPEAKER 3: Some people go and they plant flowers in the public garden. Other people mentor high school students in the area. Liberty gives us a wide range of options to be able to give back in a way that we can all relate to personally.
SPEAKER 6: I’ve been at Liberty Mutual for about six years, and I’ve had five or six different sorts of jobs in that time. For being such a large company, they love to put us in different sorts of jobs so we can bring different perspectives from the different teams. We also love to just learn and work with each other.
I’ve been involved in one of our employee resource groups centered around Asian-American professionals, and it’s just a fantastic way to encounter many different sorts of people with many different backgrounds and perspectives and meet friends along the way.
SPEAKER 4: We have 55,000 employees around the world, and I think all of us are committed and passionate to the vision of this company and are looking forward to doing more as a company that really helps people put their lives back together.