A look inside the innovation at...

[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 1: Innovation at Liberty Mutual looks like a few different things. And I like to use a solar system analogy to explain it. On the earth, we’ve got experiences that innovatively delight our customers. Things like noticing that we’re using a regional dialect to greet them. On the moon, we have things like our Alexis skill. And then lastly, all the way out in space, we’ve got Pluto. And that’s where Solaria lives.
SPEAKER 2: They create specialized insurance products in order to help the customer with their needs.
SPEAKER 1: As a design director, I not only manage designers and content strategists, but I also help to steward the digital transformation. This agile, this customer-centric place. By being able to connect those dots between our products and what our customers are touching every day, we can innovate across the entire spectrum.
SPEAKER 3: The landscape of insurance is going to change. And at Liberty Mutual, we’ve been really focused on getting lean, being agile, and being able to make changes to what we’re working on as the atmosphere changes. There’s people that are working on virtual reality. There’s people working on drones. There’s a lot of cool things that you don’t see today in insurance that you’re going to see coming out of Liberty Mutual in the near future.
SPEAKER 2: Data science and technology plays a huge role. We did a really cool project last year, when we first applied machinery methods on our datasets. It helps us a lot in order to have a frame and to build our modeling framework, as we continue to research more about new statistical technologies.
SPEAKER 3: What I like most about working on our technology teams is the amount of collaboration among my colleagues and I. You learn a lot of things that you never expected to in terms of technology, in terms of working with people.
SPEAKER 4: What insurance is about is helping people to move about their life, and do so in a safe and secure way. And a lot of our work is really around predicting those things and thinking about them future forward. As society continues to evolve, our products and services evolve with it.