Data Science

Harness the power of data and analytics to understand performance trends, identify opportunities, and keep Liberty Mutual moving forward.
Grow your skills in key areas such as cloud computing, machine learning, and various modeling techniques and software.

Data Science Internships

The Data Science internship is a 10-to-12-week summer program designed to launch your career at Liberty Mutual, a global Fortune 100 company that’s focused on data-driven decision making. Not only will you build you analytical skills, you’ll have access to the Data Science Professional Resource Group (DSPRG), an active internal community of data science experts. The DSPRG complements your day-to-day work by ensuring you receive individual support, continued education, and access to community events.

We provide an environment focused on:
  • Community and Culture: Join a community of 200+ data science professionals to share best practices and collaborate cross-functionally. Build relationships with other data science interns through summer programming and professional development sessions.
  • Career Focus: Work in a collaborative and dynamic environment that supports your growth and development. Become a subject matter expert in a variety of different areas. Enhance your leadership and project management skills by volunteering.
  • Make an Impact: Make recommendations to management that add value for our customers. Increase analytics footprint in functions such as product management, claims, distribution, marketing and human resources. Solve real business problems by building robust models and performing meaningful and verifiable quantitative analysis

Boston, MA

Located in the heart of Boston, our LEED Gold certified global headquarters—home to 5,000 employees—is a fusion of modern spaces and historic elements.

Working in the Data Science field at Liberty Mutual is an intellectually stimulating experience. The problems we tackle are complex and require a deep understanding of data and analytical tools to arrive at effective solutions. This keeps me engaged and motivated to continually develop my skills and knowledge. In addition, the collaborative and friendly environment makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

Rozhin D.

I love that Liberty Mutual provides me the opportunity to take theoretical data science concepts and apply them in a business setting to create real-world business solutions. In addition, Liberty provides me the time and space to pursue my long-term goals of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the data science field as part of my everyday work.

Isaac W.

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